Kos Sightings

Beaches on Kos

Kos Island has a lot of lovely beaches. All of them are surprisingly clean. Besides, all the beaches we visited were free. As for sun lounges you have to pay 1.5 – 3.5 euro per person.

There are some differences between the beaches. The north coast ones like Tigaki, Marmari and Mastichari are sandy beaches with nice crystal clear water. The beach is always rather windy and it makes problems for swimmers even if the waves are normal.

Shallow waters of Tigaki beaches make the place ideal for kids and an easy place to swim.The north coast beaches are quite long and if you need a remote place you can easily find it.

Beaches on the eastern side of the island such as Lampi, Psalidi and Agios Fokas are mostly pebble ones. They are lovely too and if you have nothing against pebble these beaches will suit you perfectly. But take into account that as you move further south toward Thermes the pebbles get bigger and bigger and even change to cobbles in some places.

Many people consider the beaches in Kefalos and Kardamena area to be the best ones on the island. As for the Paradise beach I devoted a separate article to it. But it’s not the only lovely beach in that part of the island. All the beaches here have fine white sand and crystalline waters a bit colder than on other beaches of the island. If you have a chance these are the beaches worth visiting at least several times.

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